“El Psy Kongroo”

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A short, pseudo review/informational. As spoiler-free as possible, sorry if otherwise.

Aired Summer 2011
Genre: People’s feelings are memories that transcend time.

The short of it:
Steins;Gate is an anime adaptation of the visual novel by 5pb. and Nitroplus. Many regard it as a “masterpiece” while others have dropped it in absolute boredom of the first few episodes, or out of dislike of the main character. Admittedly, if it doesn’t grab your attention right away, it may feel like a slow start, but hang in there and you’ll be in for a whole lotta fun. This one hasn’t garnered all the praise it has for no reason.

So, how to give an intro without spoiling anything… Honestly, I walked into this one knowing absolutely nothing about it just a few months ago (fall 2016) and enjoyed it probably more than I would of had I looked too far into it beforehand. I can actually attribute this as one of three shows that got me back into anime (Bakemonogatari being one and Sweetness and Lightning being the other, yes Sweetness and Lighting, more on both another time). So all in all, I’ll try not to reveal too much. I’ll also be careful over which trailer I post as at least one from Funimation spoils what was for me, the first major climax of the series.

Rintarou Okabe is a seemingly paranoid mad scientist that goes by the name Hououin Kyouma. In a rented out room above a TV repair shop that he refers to as the Future Gadgets Laboratory, he obsesses over the invention of “future gadgets” and fighting a secret and malevolent group out to get him known only as “The Organization.” Standing by his side are childhood friend  Mayuri Shiin and super pervert-ultra hacker Daru. One day, they discover that Future Gadget #8 the Phone Microwave (Temporary Name) may be more than a device that reduces bananas into green gelatin. Having invented what may be some sort of temporal displacement device, ie. time machine, could there be more to Hououin Kyouma’s delusions than meets the eye? Join Kyouma, The Mad Scientist who Leapt through Time, in one of the greatest adventures of this century.


For the most part, the animation isn’t mind-blowing, but it is consistent and good. It and the general cinematography (framing, transitions, lighting, coloring, all that yada), all do well to shape the overall mood and tone.


Great soundtrack with some very memorable pieces that really work with the scenes they accompany. I personally can’t get enough of the piano. Steins;Gate is also argued to have one of the best OPs of all time.

English Dub:
Keep in mind I don’t speak Japanese, so critical comparison is really limited. I watched both the sub and dub. Many jokes and references are changed to appeal to a western audience, but overall, I found nothing to be lost except for one amazing piece of comedy gold where Okabe attempts to speak English. If you watch the English and only the English, you’ll just have to find this scene on your own, it won’t be difficult.

Overall, I think the English cast does just as well as the Japanese. Any awkwardness I originally felt with how their voices matched with the characters did not last long.

Other Info:

Studio: White Fox
The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Akame ga Kill!, etc.


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