Drawings – Alphonse Mucha

This post will be updated as I do studies of anything by Alphonse Mucha. I will also include a photo of the drawing next to the reference material. I like Mucha; this is me trying to understand Mucha through drawing.

2017, January 18

Reference – The Seasons: Winter – 1900 

I had a fun time trying to understand the form beneath all the fabric. It was a combination of trying to understand the shadows on the fabrics, getting the general proportions of human form (don’t know if I did it right), and “wrapping” as I drew around what I couldn’t see. You can still see some of these wraps before I got wash happy. Totally off my the center of gravity though. I was so focused on the parts and missed the whole. Also, digging the way parts of the background wrap around to the front of the figure.

Mucha_01182017 D.jpg

IMG_3587 B.jpg

About me and drawing:

This will be on the bottom of the drawing posts I make. This just explains my background in drawing and some process and reasoning for how and what I do.

I first got into drawing in middle school, copying (not tracing), Tenchi Muyo and Dragon Ball Z print outs of images from random Geocities fansites and such (Ha! can’t believe I suddenly remembered Geocities while typing this). The only reason I am making a point to say “not tracing” is because when I draw characters, I enjoy it more to figure it out by looking and drawing at the same time. I am not going to say out right that you should never trace; there is a time/place/use for every tool and method. I trace at least once a week at my job (architecture firm). In this case, it’s a high-output, high-speed, problem solving/designing/conversing kind of drawing with layer after layer of trace paper, constantly deciding what to include and not include in tracing the layer below while various things in a specific context.

I stopped drawing anything anime related in high school and college (with exception to this one watercolor in college) as any drawing time was dedicated to art class and architecture studio respectively. By this point, it wasn’t always fun as it was all about school. It was in my final semester that everything I knew, thought I knew, and felt about drawing and sketching came together and became more a part of my personality and a way of understanding and interacting with the world around me versus just something I do.

So drawing to me is…

  • Analytical – A way of measuring and understanding the relationships between anything and everything in front of you, even the things hidden behind things that you can’t see right away, but being able to figure out what must be there in one way shape or form because of how they are affecting what you can see. This occurs in multiple scales and the relationships can be within a single subject, among many, with setting, and whatever else.
  • Communicating – If I am drawing someone else’s work, then to some degree I feel they are communicating something to me. If I am drawing my setting, I feel like the setting is telling me something. The subject says something to my eyes, to my skin, which says something to my brain, which then says something to my hands, which translates it through pen, to something receiving it, but will also react as it is receiving (cause you know, paper rips sometimes, HA!). Eventually someone else sees this, and so it goes. This is starting to drag, wrapping up.
  • Problem Solving, Designing (anything), Creating/Recreating/Modifying
  • Hell of a lot more fun than it ever was.

So there it is.


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